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Great sound makes a great party

We love to work with party organisers to make private parties rock! We’ve done lots of them and in our experience, if you’re organising a party, these are the things that make a difference:

  1. At the outset, it’s important to get a subjective description of the effect that the host would like to achieve and the experience they’d like their guests to have. We can then work with you to satisfy their desires. This leaves your client feeling integral in the design of the system. They become proud of it, tell all their mates, and they have a great time as a result.
  2. It goes on as late as necessary. It is never too late for us to finish. And we won’t start getting out until the last guest has left.
  3. Let hosts get excited about ideas. Could we do this? Can we do that? How about….? We always entertain the possibility and it is never a ‘no’. Most sound companies will discourage creativity by inventing reasons that they cannot happen, when really they just can’t be bothered, or it presents an obstacle that they simply can’t see a way around. There is always a solution, and if you’d like us to, we’re happy to investigate it.

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