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Catering for all contingencies abroad

An international event has all the complexities of one in the UK overlaid with the risks involved in long-distance transportation and the challenges of operating in a territory with different language, culture and regulations. Here are Rossco’s top tips for success abroad:

  • Ascertain exactly what is required at the outset. It is then a matter of adding what might be required should circumstances or preferences change on location, or any piece of equipment fail on site. For peace of mind, all will be packed, even if we’re not charging for it.
  • Research local knowledge. For example, the power outlets and voltage/frequency anomalies that can be expected. Local radio mic frequencies and licences. The proximity of the venue to local suppliers of sound equipment in case of equipment damage in transit, or other unpredictable loss.
  • Fully assemble and test all systems, then reverse assemble and load into labelled trunks ready for transit.
  • Fully brief all personnel on every aspect of the job, in detail, ensuring they all have sufficient changes of unbranded, tidy crew and duty clothing including a dark suit/tie and smart shoes.

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