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More than just the music

Yes, the music has to sound great, but as a festival organiser you’re looking for much more from your PA contractor than this. In our experience, the big issues for you are:

  1. Health and safety on site is of primary importance, so safe working practices are imperative. We take this very seriously – see our method statement for more details.
  2. The show must go on, whatever the weather. We’re geared up for all inclement weather contingencies.
  3. Self-sufficiency is essential. The last thing an organiser needs is the PA company asking for this and that. Can we borrow those ladders, rigging rope, safety bonds? Have you got any cable ties? We always bring everything we need.
  4. Close and cooperative liaison with local authorities. We can act as noise consultants for the event and can also provide full noise-management services from long-term background noise surveys, Noise Management Plans, Event Noise Monitoring and Post-Event Reports. We can also assist in licence applications and negotiations in the setting of noise limits.

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