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Good for business

Great sound for corporate events needs a corporate mindset combined with rock and roll sensibilities. Because if everything is too corporate it can become bland and soulless. If it’s too rock and roll it’s a nightmare. We have both mentalities. If you’re organising a corporate event, here are some of our top tips for sound:

  1. Early starts and long days are often a given. Integration with other contractors such as riggers and lighting companies is essential as we are usually flying loudspeakers from their trussing so we mustn’t hinder their schedule.
  2. Integrate proactively with the producer and your end client. Offer creative suggestions that may improve the smooth running of the show.
  3. Have on-site facilities to enable editing of music tracks and record voice-overs, and the ability to source walk-on stings and background music. These are important details that are often left to the last minute, if addressed at all, but add significantly to the professional perception of the event.

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