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One-off concerts are our speciality

Whether it’s the London Philharmonic at Westminster Central Hall or ‘One Night with Al Pacino’ at The Palladium, we’ll make it happen immaculately. Here’s our experience of how we can help make your life as a concert organiser/promoter easier and the concert itself a bigger success:

  1. Satisfy technical riders without compromise! If artists are happy and relaxed they perform better. We don’t just sell in equipment that we have in the warehouse, we get whatever is required exactly as specified.
  2. Communicate directly with tour managers, production managers, FOH and monitor technicians, to ensure that what we are proposing is acceptable. We will source backline from their preferred suppliers, or whoever they trust to deliver the correct equipment. For example, we got the Chic backline from Manchester along with a known backline tech – a friendly face on stage, who knows the band, giving peace of mind for them and us.
  3. For one-off events you need crew who understand the way professional touring works but can also interface well with event organisers. We have experience of both worlds and can talk both languages. All of our full-time and freelance operators have toured in professional environments with A list acts.

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