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Long-term relationships

Our clients are event and party organisers, and production companies. We supply them with sound systems, sound management and advice. They love it, because we help them look good in areas that they don’t specialise in themselves. We broaden the scope of their services and make their lives much easier.

We always seek to build long-term relationships and become trusted advisers and partners. This way we can offer even better service and be more flexible. Some jobs have the budget and some don’t. We’re happy to give and take.

Clients trust us

For many events that need the very best sound, we are hired in as an integral part of our client’s team and we work closely with them to deliver exceptional results. End-clients nowadays do not expect event organisers to have their own in-house high-end sound systems and audio specialists on payroll. Today the relationship is transparent and the end-client gets a much better solution as a result. We only work for event organisers and production companies, so you can rest assured that we will not end up working for your clients directly. Indeed, should your client ever contact us directly, you will be the first to hear about it.

Freedom to be creative

Many of our clients trust us to the extent that they simply pass the brief over to us and we do the rest. It’s a weight off their mind and they can trust that it’s all going to happen with minimal input from them. We keep them in the loop at all times, obviously, so they know what’s going on.

We’re often at our best when clients give us the freedom to be creative and do what we think is right.

Discretion guaranteed

Discretion is often critical, which is the reason why some of the events on this website have been anonymised. We all ultimately work for the end-client to make their event a success, so their needs are of primary importance.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients say (to the right).

Or take a look at some of the events we’ve worked on >>

Beyond perfect wedding

Redburn Events is a high end event management company specialising in private parties, our client relationships are of the utmost importance and we would never put forward a supplier who would let us down. We use Rossco for all our sound, whether it is a small party with a simple sound system or a huge production with a star performer - they always deliver. Georgina Cowan, Managing Director, Redburn Events

Here’s the event – get on with it

Rossco are brilliant. I use them for every event that needs sound. They are the experts. I know they're going to get it right and I won't have to micro-manage them. I just have to say "Here's the event - get on with it". SIMON WOODWARD, OWNER, POLAR BEAR LIVE

The power of a cup of tea and a listening ear

One time, an old lady complained about the noise from the festival. Ross went round to her house and listened to her problems. He understands the power of a cup of tea, a piece of cake and a listening ear. We never had any more problems from her. Sometimes people just need to be listened to, and when they do, Ross is the man. PAUL WILCOX, TECHNICAL PRODUCTION MANAGER

Rossco give me peace of mind

I love working with Rossco. They are always brilliant, they always deliver and I trust them completely. Once I have Rossco on a job, I know that it is half done already. I can leave it with them and then go to bed and forget about it. They give me peace of mind. ROCCO BUONVINO, PROMOTER

This event surpassed our expectations

This event surpassed our expectations. The atmosphere was fantastic, with pleasantly surprised commuters and spectators enjoying the energetic and varied programme, including speeches by Boris and massive media coverage. HAYLEY LAWRENCE, PRODUCER, BRAND & DELIVER

Top notch job

It was a really top-notch job. The dance floor was packed from the moment it kicked off until 3.30 when the youth were told the music was over. At the same time we could talk in the side rooms without having to raise our voices too much. Perfect!” NICK HOWARD, HOST

Immaculate gear

Rossco’s gear is immaculate - it's the very best quality. It looks good and is always appropriate for the situation – never overly big and bulky – so blends in, which is what I need. I usually hate soundchecks, but when Rossco are in charge of them I rather like them.” WILLIAM BARTHOLOMEW, WILLIAM BARTHOLOMEW PARTY ORGANISING