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Rossco Ltd. registered in England no. 3442505. VAT registered no. 700277961.

We’re a people business

Our clients love working with our people and we take great care in selecting, vetting and training them. The people that is, not the clients. Everyone at Rossco is musical, which we think is really important. In addition, we particularly value:


First and foremost an ability to listen, and not just with the ears. Real listening engages head, heart, eyes and ears and requires our undivided attention.

Knowledge and experience

Knowledge of what sound equipment there is, and what it can and can’t do, combined with experience of when it should and shouldn’t be used is essential. As is keeping up with music technology trends and the constant stream of new gear on the market.

Friendly people

We’re friendly, well presented, well spoken, communicative and have a bright and cheery can-do disposition. We work decisively under pressure, navigate change creatively and deal with clients and their clients if required with sensitivity. And we always wear the appropriate clothes!

However good your people are, you do also need access to the very best equipment. Read about our equipment >>

I’m very lucky…

“I have a such a great group of people here at Rossco. All dedicated to superb sound and excellent customer service and each with their specialisms that together contribute to the whole Rossco offering.”
Ross Sharples, Owner and Managing Director, Rossco