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We use the best equipment


Mark and Ross amidst the Rossco stock of white speakers and stands

Sound equipment…mmm…we love it. We could talk about gear all day, and sometimes we do. But ultimately we recognise that our clients aren’t that interested in it. They just want it to sound great and look good, to happen on time and within budget and for the whole process to be enjoyable and stress-free.

Our aim is to create a perfect sound experience at every event, which for us entails optimising the room acoustics, getting the right people and using the best equipment for the job. ‘Best’ might mean the best within a budget, the best in terms of size and looks, the best audio quality or a combination of all these.

We own an extensive range of equipment, because it makes us self-sufficient, flexible and reliable. And we’ve got a close network of trusted audio hire companies with whom we work on a regular basis, so if we don’t have a specific item we can get it in.

Black and white

When it comes to sound equipment you can generally have any colour so long as it’s black. Not with Rossco. We have a full range of white speakers and stands, which we use for ‘white’ events such as weddings, where the equipment should be heard but not seen.


Because we’re self-sufficient, there’s one less variable in the equation, which means one less thing that can go wrong. You can rely on us, because we don’t rely on anyone else.


We maintain all our equipment to the highest standards, which means that we know it intimately and it’s less likely to let us down.

We have regular ‘critical listening’ sessions at Rossco, where we compare and contrast different audio systems. It’s an enjoyable and fascinating thing to do. At least we think so. You’re most welcome to join us, so please get in touch if you’re interested. Contact us to join a ‘critical listening’ session >>