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We love Hitchin

Rhythms Of The World festival

The Hitchin Rhythms of the World festival

We’re based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and take an active role in the local community. It’s not to win any medals or prove that we’re nice really behind our ruthless exterior! We just love getting involved. If we can give people in our community a taste of the sound systems we provide for the richest people in the world, then how good for them is that?

Here are some of the things we do.

Local bands and DJs

When the equipment is available, we are happy to supply local bands and DJs with equipment that blows their minds in terms of quality, at very reasonable rates. It’s part of our  ‘educate the world about the wonders of sound’ programme. To see the look on a young person’s face when they have used one of our systems and it has touched them, is beyond words. If this interests you then please make contact with us >>

We have an apprentice

Michael approached us because he wanted to leave school at 16 and be our apprentice. Ross met with his parents and it was agreed that we would take him on under the government apprentice scheme, and train him over two years. What a great opportunity for us and for him, we thought. He currently works 16 hours a week with us.

Local hockey club

We sponsor our local hockey club, Bluehearts. We have provided the ‘son’ part of its annual ‘son et lumiere’ firework display for 22 years!  It attracts more than 5,000 people and raises essential funds that keep the club alive. Picture and more here >>

Local schools

We love to get involved with local schools, whether it be supplying a PA system for a fete or offering advice on the school play.

We’ve collaborated with Hitchin Boys’ School on several occasions to create their ‘Spectechular’ event, a performance-based event using the latest in production technology, all designed and operated by the students. We supply the sound, lighting and set, teach the students how to operate it, and let them run the live shows…under a watchful eye, of course.

Rhythms of the World festival

We have supplied this local festival with everything required from a sound perspective since 2007. This has involved liaison with the local authorities about sound levels, including winning a case in court to have the levels increased to provide sound systems for five stages at the festival catering for 400+ acts over two days including name headliners. Read more about the festival here >>

If you live locally and need sound equipment or advice, please make contact with us >>