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Great sound, whatever the venue

Understanding the acoustic footprint of a space

Understanding the acoustic footprint of a space

Whether your venue is a church, a stately home with a 100 ft ceiling, a room with concrete walls, a courtyard, railway station, restaurant or marquee, we will work to  understand and optimise the acoustics of the environment before we begin to design the system.

How we do it

First we get a feel for the effect that you think your client would like to achieve and the experience they’d like for their guests or audience. We then undertake a site visit to establish the intrinsic acoustic characteristics of the room. We call this the ‘acoustic footprint’.

You can’t change the architecture of a building or the laws of physics, but what you can do is understand what’s going on and devise remedies that will improve the room acoustics and help deliver the effect your client wants.

We devise acoustic solutions using complex mathematical modelling, which predicts how music will sound with certain treatments in the room. There’s no ‘trial and error’ requiring the speculative purchase of different materials to ‘see what works’.

Treatments usually consist of the sensitive use of absorbers, baffles, barriers and diffusers or sometimes the clever use of set design, soft furnishings and decorative materials. These are positioned temporarily, and carefully, for the event.

You can’t make a perfect acoustic environment, but you can optimise it. The sound system design can then accommodate any shortcomings the room might have, but only if you know what these are in the first place!

Recent examples

Recent examples of challenging acoustic work include:


Ross has a postgraduate Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control from the Institute of Acoustics, of which he is a member. He’s also a member of the Institute of Sound and Communication Engineers.

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