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Rossco Ltd. registered in England no. 3442505. VAT registered no. 700277961.

World-leading sound

Wedding at Longleat

Sumptuous parties and lavish weddings

We supply sound systems, sound management and advice to the world’s leading event organisers, party organisers and production companies.

We’ve done the sound for some of the most sumptuous parties and lavish weddings in the UK and abroad for more than 17 years.  We love doing concerts, fundraisers, festivals, awards and corporate events too.

What makes us different

Sound has the ability to touch people’s hearts – to reassure, excite, generate emotions and unite people.

But to achieve this you need excellent equipment, knowledgeable and experienced designers and operators, plus favourable acoustics.

We have the very best gear and engineers, but what makes us really different is that, before we begin to design the system, we actively seek to assess and optimise the acoustics of the environment we’re working in. Very few people do this.

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Working with PA systems since 1979

Rossco was established in 1997 by Ross Sharples, a musician who has been playing in bands since he was 15.

He bought his first PA system in 1979 and has never looked back. In setting up Rossco, he was following a life-long love of music and what constitutes a great listening experience.

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